Event Water SolutionS for YourUniversity Event

We provide clean, mobile drinking water refilling stations for festivals and events.

Meet The Owner

The Quench Buggy is a mobile water station for events designed to meet personal hydration needs. Multiple on-board fountains and spigots provide easy access to clean, cool, fresh potable water in any physical environment; from concerts and civic activities, to relief from natural events in remote locations.

Quench Buggy – providing freshly tapped potable water to events everywhere.

Darryl is always looking for ways to improve products and processes, which has helped Quench Buggy evolve into what it is today.

Darryl has a background in Mechanical Engineering, Continuous Improvement and customer service over the last twelve years. After graduating from Mechanical Engineering /Automotive Manufacturing, he worked with various automotive-related companies in positions such as Industrial Engineer, Applications Engineer and Launch Facilitator. Darryl then decided to move on to work in the family business in customer service, where the idea for Quench Buggy was hatched.

When not working, Darryl usually spends time with his family, running or mountain biking.


Michael Levine

The best team to call when you need to provide great tasting water for the folks at your event or festival!

Alysha Ulrich

I had a GREAT experience with bringing one of QuenchBuggy’s QuenchCarts to the Penn State THON 5K!

Gary Skinn

We have been using Quench Buggy for The Orangeville Blues and Jazz Festival since 2013. Always great service.

Portable EVENT Water REFILL Stations For Rent

Generally speaking, people don’t like to pay for bottled water when they can have safe access to clean potable water and spend their money in other areas of your event. Quench Buggy makes that possible. Each Quench Buggy unit is staffed by a trained Quench Buggy employee, which means that each unit is kept clean and running properly.

african women dancing in a festival

Quench Buggy for municipalities, utilities & schools

Our best customers are municipalities, water utilities and educational institutions. They all care about the quality of the water they’re serving and all look for equipment that’s built to last. Most start by renting a unit, then move on to purchase a unit!