Frequently Asked Questions

What water supply does Quench Buggy use?
Quench Buggy only uses a municipally approved source of water, whether it be a fire hydrant, garden hose connection or other.
Does the Quench Buggy have filtration?
All Quench Buggy units have a filtration system in place, including but not limited to UV.
What areas do you serve?
Quench Buggy Rentals have been available anywhere in Canada and the United States and now available anywhere in the world.
Who looks after the unit while it is at the event?
A Quench Buggy trained staff looks after the unit from delivery through to the end of the event
Are units cleaned between events?
All units are cleaned inside and out before each event and cleaned during the event as well.
What does a rental cost?
We use a very simple method for pricing each event, but it does require that you give us a call and tell us details, such as location, number of event patrons, duration of the event, date of the event and any other details that may have an effect on us providing this service.
Can we apply our own graphics to the units?
We have a sponsorship program that allows you to obtain sponsors for the Quench Buggy units and we will apply the signage that you desire to each unit before we arrive at the event.

Do you have a question we didn’t cover here? Let us know. Contact us today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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