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From local municipalities, to event organizers – the benefits of purchasing a Quench Buggy premium trailer are far-outreaching – from promoting the advantages of tap water, to the reduction in bottled water use. Buying a Quench Buggy for your special event needs is a logical decision with savings both environmentally and monetarily.

Service providers – purchase the Quench Buggy and run as a stand alone business.

Business owners – extend your current product offerings by licensing the Quench Buggy.

For more details on purchasing a Quench Buggy, simply fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.

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Quench Buggy
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Quench Buggy has two different styles of units available for rent anywhere in the world:

Quench Buggy

Quench Buggy TrailerThe Quench Buggy is an eight station water trailer with fountains and spigots. The unit can supply endless amounts of water when hooked to a municipal water supply or for remote locations, the onboard stainless steel tank can be filled and water can be distributed that way. This unit has a three stage filtration unit and has large signage for sponsor advertising. This unit is also accessible for small children and people with disabilities.

Quench Cart

Quench Buggy CartThe Quench Cart is a four station hydration station that has spigots for filling bottles. This unit is also equipped with a filtration system and cooling system.


  • Our Hydration Station was used very frequently throughout the summer, nearly every weekend! There has been a lot of positive feedback and excitement about it. We really love how many plastic water bottles could be saved through the use of the Hydration Station, especially at sporting events. It is a great way to promote municipal tap water and we have purchased water bottles to hand out at some of the events to really send home this message. Thanks

    Averil, City of Windsor
    Windsor, ON

  • The Guelph Water Wagon, constructed by Quench Buggy, has been a great success in our community. Darryl was a great help, building a Quench Buggy to meet the needs of our events. We look forward to using the Guelph Water Wagon year after year. Thank you

    Heather Yates, Water Conservation Program Coordinator
    Guelph, ON

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