Quench Cart: Mobile Water Filling Stations

The Quench Buggy is a mobile water dispensing unit designed to meet personal hydration needs. Multiple on-board fountains and spigots provide easy access to clean, cool, fresh potable water in any physical environment; from concerts and civic activities, to relief from natural events in remote locations.

Click to download the Quench Cart spec sheet

Locking tamper-proof cabinet with large door for easy access
Polyurethane finish
Bottle fillers
Stainless steel fixtures
Drinking fountains
Polished stainless steel sink
Stainless steel construction
Industrial casters with locking feature
Child height accessible station
Centralized grey water drainage

Dimensions 36″ wide, 92″ long, 60″ high
Frame stainless steel construction
Castors lockable industrial type
Sink Trays polished stainless steel
Plumbing PEX tubing and stainless fittings
Faucets push-button filler faucets
Fountains push-button metered water
Filtration optional
Fill Connection 3/4” connection with optional sizes
City Connection 5/8” connection with backflow valve
Grey Water centralized 5/8” drain hose
Water Cooler optional
Public Access mobility compliant design
Side Skirting stainless steel
Tank Covering stainless steel
Coatings polyurethane primer and paint
Graphics optional custom graphics package

  • Filtration
  • Water Cooler
  • Custom Graphic Package

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