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What Does Potable Water Mean – From Treatment to Distribution

What does potable water mean? Potable water, which is just water that’s safe to drink, comes from the usual sources and is then treated to meet safety standards.

Water treatment eliminates things like bacteria, impurities, toxic chemicals, viruses, waterborne diseases, and fecal matter that pose health risks. Water treatment can also affect the taste and appearance of the water.

The term potable comes from the Latin word “potare,” which means “to drink.” It was first used during Roman times when the society needed a word to describe the clean, safe drinking water they enjoyed after building the world’s first aqueducts.

Drinking raw water – non potable water or unsafe water – puts you at risk of developing gastrointestinal health issues, including vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and more serious problems.

Potable Water for Your Special Event

If you are planning a special event like a concert, fair, or other community experience, you’ll need potable water for attendees.

Unfortunately, many events fail to provide water for those in attendance. They might offer water for purchase or fail to offer access to water at all.

This is a mistake. At the very least, it leaves everyone feeling parched and irritable. At worst, it will lead to many people developing dehydration and all of the related health issues.

Another concern is supplying water to event attendees but failing to ensure safety. Non-potable water that isn’t treated for safety puts people at as much risk as providing no water.

Water stations and water tank trailers are some of the best ways to ensure event attendees have access to the potable water they can access stations are perfect for all types of events, including:

  • Music festivals/concerts
  • Corporate outings
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Outdoor races
  • Charity events

Potable water from water tank trailers provides a wide variety of benefits. For example:

Reduce Plastic Waste

One of the most common options for supplying safe drinking water to event attendees is to sell or give them bottled water.

While this might seem easy and convenient and guarantees safe, clean drinking water, it’s not optimal due to all the waste it creates. The average two-day event generates tons of wasted water bottles.

Not only do you have to worry about the waste generated, but as the event organizer, you’ll also need to have a solution for the disposal of these bottles.

Not to mention, you need to think about the storage and distribution of freshwater. How will you keep it cool? Where will you stack bottles before they’re purchased or delivered?

Using a tank trailer eliminates a lot of these concerns for event organizers.  

Person filling reusable water bottle at potable water station

Hydration, Safety, and Health

One of the most important concerns you should have when organizing an event is keeping people hydrated.

This is especially true if you’re coordinating an outdoor event during the warmer summer months. People need to drink water to avoid heatstroke, dizziness, dehydration, and more.

The easier you make it to drink water the more likely people are to do so. This means you’ll ward off serious complications from dehydration that you’ll be forced to deal with at your event.

It also ensures you won’t face legal issues related to attendees experiencing health problems from dehydration.

Also, dehydration-related health problems beverages, including soda and alcohol, do nothing to thwart dehydration. Even if you’re selling or supplying other drinks, you’ll need to ensure plenty of potable water for event attendees.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about anyone contaminating the water supply, as you could potentially face if you are using water fountains or other supplies of water. Water tanks are safe and easy to use, so you never need to worry about access to potable water.

Convenient Access to Potable Water

Drinking stations are one of the best options for making drinking water convenient.

Handing out or selling individual water bottles usually means long lines, especially when dealing with hot weather. It takes time to distribute water, especially if there’s an exchange of money. Not to mention the staffing issues that arise when you’re selling water.

Offering free potable water from a refilling station is quick and easy. It might not completely eliminate lines during the hottest parts of the day, but it will cut down on how long someone needs to wait to get the water they need.

Safe, Sanitary Water for Everyone

Failing to provide potable drinking water at an event can lead to some serious consequences. Just a few drops of unsanitized water, and you could be dealing with hundreds or thousands of sick people. The situation could quickly escalate into a disaster.

Water tank trailers offer a safe, sanitary solution to how your event attendees will get the water they need. In addition to making access to potable water easy, it also ensures the water will remain safe and sanitary during the event.

Water tank trailers allow attendees to fill their bottles with limited contact. The water is filtered, clean, and safe. The supply is often safer than many municipal tap water supplies.

A water tank trailer is your best option if you’re looking for a waste-free, safe, potable water solution for your next event.

Quench Buggy offers a mobile water station for all types of events. The buggies are designed to meet personal hydration needs.

These systems have multiple fountains and spigots, so event attendees have easy access to clean, cool, and can easily access, no matter the location.

If you’d like to learn more about how Quench Buggy can make your next event more enjoyable, book a quick call with us to discuss your needs.