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Water Refill Stations for EDM

One of the biggest needs for events is obviously portable restrooms, but when it comes to EDM events water is just as important. We would like to see it mandatory in promoters minds that water stations be set up at all EDM festivals and events across North America and beyond for the safety of patrons…

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Bottled Water Ban Picking Up Steam

It seems over the past few weeks the bottled water bans are picking up steam. The Grand Canyon bottled water ban was a big one because of the corporate muscle trying to squash that ban. In the end common sense prevailed and the ban is going into effect. There has also been an increase of…

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Quench Buggy – Hydration Station Highlight Reel 2011

Event Water Stations Video – Quench Buggy Last year was a great year for Quench Buggy at all the events we participated in and this year we are looking forward to many more. The above link is a video of many of the events we attended, please share our event water station video with everybody…

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