filling transparent water bottle

Bottled Water Ban Picking Up Steam

It seems over the past few weeks the bottled water bans are picking up steam.

The Grand Canyon bottled water ban was a big one because of the corporate muscle trying to squash that ban. In the end common sense prevailed and the ban is going into effect. There has also been an increase of educational institutions banning bottled water.  From public schools to universities, students are taking this issue seriously and as we approach World Water Day we hope these activities increase.

Below is a link to what some students are doing to make a difference. If they start with their own school, they can make an even larger impact by convincing local business and government to follow suit. Here’s to hoping that the next generation can kick the bottled water habit and support tap water that we are already paying for.


Maybe taking this one step further would be to convince governments to stop buying bottled water and in turn invest that money back into local infrastructure for better quality tap water. Start your campaign today with all sorts of resources available online. http://bottledwaterfreeday.ca/index.php/en