What does the “Sweetlife” mean to you?

Quench Buggy To Provide Water At Sweetlife Festival

At this time of year we are getting excited for spring and all the things that come with that time of year. This spring Quench Buggy is going to be supplying water to patrons at the Sweetlife Festival and we couldn’t be more excited.

I didn’t know much about the Sweetlife festival before this March but after looking into it and Sweetgreen(the company behind it) the whole concept is just inspiring. Sweetgreen is a frozen yogurt and fresh salad restaurant that is pushing the bar higher for restaurants when it comes to sustainability. Based in the Washington, D.C. area Sweetgreen now has 11 stores and focuses on local producers for all ingredients. They also take the same approach to the Sweetlife festival which is now in its third year and promises to be bigger than ever.

They call it the party with a purpose and we are looking forward to all the food vendors and great musical acts over the course of the day.


While creating the documentary for the Sweetlife festival they kept asking people what the “sweetlife” meant to them. I thought I would try this with my daughter and she told me that the “sweetlife” for her was “having loving family and friends to do fun things with”. Not bad for and eight year old. I have to think about what it means to me and I encourage you to do the same and post your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Check out sweetlifefestival.com to find out more and keep it green.