Street Festivals going Bottled Water Free

The past month has been a busy one in the United States for Quench Buggy with great street festivals. Street festivals are great events in these big cities with such a range of cultures, food, music and street performers.

It is at these events that people really like to stop and talk about bottled water and tap water and the different opinions about the negative effects of bottled water on our society. One of the most common comments was that people are disturbed at the number of other people that don’t believe that there tap water is safe. The amount of tap water testing that is done is many times above what bottled water goes through. The other thing we like to point out to people is that a lot of the bottled water you choose to drink is the same municipal water that comes out of your tap anyways.

Education is a big part of any public utility and I don’t know for a fact, but I would bet that the utilities most engaged in tap water promotion are the ones that have the lowest consumption of bottled water in there area. Maybe there is a study that could be done here.

Until next time continue to drink water without the waste by carrying a reusable drinking container and watch for us at your next event.