Quench Buggy Event Water Stations for Bottled Water Free Day 2012

Bottled Water Free Day – March 15, 2012 

Approaching fast is the third annual Bottled Water Free Day and you can be a part of the answer. Have your work or school take part in this day by bringing reusable water bottles and then making it a habit everyday. People will save money and help reduce the waste created by bottled water. Watch the story of bottled water to see what we are up aqainst. http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-bottled-water/

Quench Buggy Event Water Stations are proud to support this and other initiatives to reduce the waste of bottled water. Below is a synopsis from http://bottledwaterfreeday.ca about the purpose.

What’s it all about?

Across Canada and around the world, people are taking a stand in support of public water and against the privatisation of water.  The bottled water industry is being forced under a public microscope as more and more people question:

·      The safety of bottled water

·      The weak bottled water industry regulatory standards and practices

·      The growing corporate control of water

·      The use of misleading bottled water marketing schemes

·      The heavy social and ecological toll of for-profit water around the world

In Canada, there are over 81 municipalities, 7 school boards and 16 campuses that have committed to ending the privitisation of water and phasing out the provision and sale of bottled water in their sectors. Will your community be next?

It’s time to speak out, ditch the bottle, and turn on the tap! Join the Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Sierra Youth Coalition, the Council of Canadians, and the Polaris Institute for the next Bottled Water Free Day on March 15, 2012!