How To Protect Yourself From Lead Contamination in Water

There is a certain risk of lead contamination in household drinking water. 

It is highly unlikely for lead to enter the system during the water’s time in municipal pipes and the treatment plant, but there is a certain risk of it contaminating your water via the pipes that connect certain older homes to the water mains.

In the past, especially before 1986, these pipes were often made of or with lead, as well as valves, solder, brass fixtures, and some faucets. 

Water can dissolve this lead or break off tiny particles of it. It then makes its way into your drinking water. 

You can avoid this by running your water for a bit before drinking it, especially in the mornings or when you come home from work and the taps have been stagnant for a while, and by only using fresh cold water for cooking and drinking. You can also purchase filters for your tap!

We have sourced much of this information from DrinkTap.Org and the American Water Works Association. They are a great resource for water related information. 

Team Quench Buggy