Honoured by Award for our Event Water Stations

It was with great surprise that Quench Buggy was awarded the Festivals and Events Ontario Award for Specialty Product Providers at our conference in Mississauga last month. We were pleased with the recognition and it never hurts to have a good news story to start off the year.

One of the benefits of an event like this is getting to meet with all the other hard working individuals that make the festivals and events in Ontario so successful. Over the two days we were there we had many great conversations with people about challenges and trends in the industry. Like most events, we are trying to attract sponsorship dollars to cover the costs of our services so the we can provide the best best quality water stations to the most events possible.

While some suppliers question the value of events like this, we make the most of every introduction and conversation to help make others successful. We aren’t just there to make sales but also to meet as many new friends as possible.

All the best in your events and give us a call if you need help in any aspect of your event, chances are we know someone who can help.