Made In America – From a Quench Buggy Point of View

Severe weather was a major theme of our 2014 Quench Buggy season and Made In America was no exception. As we travel around North America we have been through some crazy weather and at festivals it can be a major concern. When we were evacuated from the festival site this year at Made In America there really weren’t many obvious places for people to take shelter and we were lucky enough to be back to our vehicle just in time to sit through the tornado warnings and torrential rain. We heard of countless people who made new friends while being holed up in restaurants, garages and anywhere else out of the whether.

Luckily, Made In America was able to restart after the storm had passed and the entertainment was fabulous. As for the event, this was our first year providing water stations at this event and the promoters were great to work with from move in to move out and everything in between.

Some of the highlights from the event for us included the setting which was ideal to hold this size of crowd and everyone seemed pretty well behaved. Entertainment was great from Awolnation to Pharrel and Tiesto, as well as Kongos, The National and Steve Aoki. Our favorite set was actually from Kings of Leon,

Food was pretty good with Philly favorites like Cheese Steak and other festival staples that you would expect. Beverages were readily available as this was sponsored by Budweiser.

All in all, it was a well done event and we look forward to being back next year.