Bottled Water Alternatives for Events Going Green

Bottled water bans are coming at a faster pace every week. Cities, national parks and colleges are leading the way and like every initiative there are issues.

Many cities and municipalities are finding trouble with their bottled water bans when they try to extend the ban to outdoor events.  Some cities like Toronto have put bottled water bans in place for events and organizers are struggling to find solutions. Toronto has two water wagons available to events, but there are many other events that don’t have access to this because of the number of events in the city on any given weekend.

For some events, we suggest they buy or rent 5 gallon water/gatorade jugs for small crowds. For all other events, organizers need an experienced water station provider that has the variety of units to suit there specific needs. Some units available now have sponsorship space to help cover the costs of the service.

Festivals that still have some bottled water need to make sure that there are adequate recycling stations available.