9/11 Anniversary Events – City of Cleveland

This past week Quench Buggy was proud to participate in the 9/11 Commemoration in Cleveland, Ohio.  We packed up and travelled on Friday to arrive just before everyone was leaving work for the weekend. The City of Cleveland was interested in the Quench Buggy as a public relations tool to promote tap water and related…

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Hydration Stations for Summerfolk

Summerfolk was in its 36th year and they were looking for ways to reduce the waste that is produced at the festival every year.  Last year they hired a water station with limited success because of the water stations quality and cleanliness the company provided. Quench Buggy was given the job this year and despite…

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Hydrating Thirsty Athletes

There is something special about participating in a national sporting competition and Quench Buggy was proud to be at The Canadian Francophone Games in Sudbury at the end of July as the water supplier. The organizing group was focused on reducing the amount of waste generated and Quench Buggy provided our trailer and other smaller…

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Canada Day, Owen Sound

Clean, fresh water was available for Canada Day in Owen Sound this year. The City of Owen Sound hired Quench Buggy to supply the crowd with water throughout the festivities and the people were very appreciative. We were hooked up and ready for the day by noon and had the opportunity to enjoy some of…

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Ecofest – Barrie

Ecofest in Barrie was held at the start of June with an exhibition on Barrie’s waterfront. Included in the exhibits was Quench Buggy, a mobile hydration trailer used to hydrate festival goers. There were speakers, an eco-house, entertainment and many other interesting booths for people to browse through. Quench Buggy was there to show off…

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