What are Soap Nuts?

I am always looking for interesting new companies and products to talk about in our blog and this one is right down the road from us and has had great success.

Earth Berries sell Soap Nuts to be used in everyday cleaning around the house and have many uses such as laundry, all-purpose cleaner, steam-cleaning spot treatment, liquid hand soap, body wash, shampoo, jewelry cleaner, window cleaner, vegetable wash and pest repellent.

The Soap Nuts are actually fruit that is grown in the Himalayas and is hand harvested and processed before being shipped. This process employs many under-priveleged families and adds to their income.

As a laundry detergent, a one kilogram bag of Soap nuts will replace 9 bottles of laundry detergent. This is one of the great parts of Soap Nuts, because we are getting rid of more plastic bottles that take oil and precious water to produce, and lots of other transportation and warehousing costs.

Quench Buggy also helps reduce the amount of plastic we produce by eliminating bottled water at festivals and events.

We wish all the best to Earth Berries and it is off to a great start by being included in Golden Globe Awards. They have also opened a new store in Collingwood, Ontario and if you are close by drop in and get some of your own Soap Nuts.