New Festival Season – Safety First – Part #1

Just like looking forward to spring, we here at Quench Buggy look forward to festival season and it is getting closer by the day. This year we are looking to share news and tips on how to make the most out of your event and there is no better place to start than patron safety.

Safety on a festival site can encompass many different aspects from security staff and fencing to food safety and drug awareness.

One resource that addresses drug safety is dancesafe.org and you can check them out to find out how they are helping keep everyone safe at events. They started out nearly 20 years ago and we found that the information on their website is quite thourough. The other page we found quite helpful on that website related to heatstroke ( http://dancesafe.org/heatstroke/) and falls right in line with what we here at Quench Buggy are trying to help with and that is making sure free water is available to all patrons.

Events that provide a free source of water are doing a great service and many cities are requiring this before you set-up shop. I believe in a few years we will see a great decrease in the number of heat related instances with the proper education of promoters and festival goers alike.

I would like to leave you with one more article to look over as you consider drug safety at your festival this summer and we are always here to help you find resources you require.  http://drugpolicy.ca/2014/12/safety-through-harm-reduction/

Happy hydrating and stay safe.