Looking Forward – 2013

As we have finished up our second year in business and are heading into year three we see many opportunities.

February is going to be a month of tradeshows from Los Angeles to Toronto. We will be promoting our products and services to event oragnizers looking to reduce the amount of waste at events with quenchbuggy.com water stations. Quench Buggy will also be exhibiting our products for municipalities looking to promote tap water and add to their services for outdoor events and festivals.

The next month, March is going to be our start to the year for event water station rentals with our first events already booked.

We are very excited to be talking to so many festivals and events already about our services for the summer. People are starting to ask festivals if they provide this service and we are happy to the supplier they are choosing to make this a success.

Most of our time is spent educating people about the benefits of our services and how we are a one stop shop. When events book Quench Buggy stations you don’t have to worry about staffing the unit, signage or water quality, that is all part of our process.

Quench Buggy looks forward to working with many of you over the coming months, give us a call today.