Hydrating Thirsty Athletes

There is something special about participating in a national sporting competition and Quench Buggy was proud to be at The Canadian Francophone Games in Sudbury at the end of July as the water supplier. The organizing group was focused on reducing the amount of waste generated and Quench Buggy provided our trailer and other smaller water stations throughout the event. We also moved the Quench Buggy to Bell Park every night for entertainment and the opening and closing ceremonies. The only hiccup was a bomb scare at the amphitheatre one night that turned out to be a false alarm.

The athletes from across Canada competed in athletic and arts competitions during the five day event and had entertainment every night. They also had the biggest tent we have ever seen as well as the hottest weather of the summer. Quench Buggy distributed a large amount of water during the event and we were very happy to be mentioned on radio and TV during the event.

Quench Buggy was just one of many environmental initiatives the games took on and we took many notes and ideas away to pass on to other events we work with. Great event, great people.