Harvest the Hope – Nebraska Water Stations

At Quench Buggy we get to attend many great events and as much as it may seem like a vacation to some, it is a real job with great benefits if you enjoy festival food, great music and people, many, many people.

One of the events we are very happy to be part of this year was the Harvest The Hope concert in support of NoKXL. Aside from the issue itself, the concert brought 8-9000 people to a cornfield in the middle of Nebraska to hear  Neil Young and Willie Nelson. A once in a lifetime event that had perfect weather and no cell phone service. In this business, being connected to the outside world is so very important and those 12 hours made for one of the best events we have done. After trying to check my phone for the first hour I ended up turning it off and found myself much more focused on the job at hand and the event.

When doing these events, hotels are one the most important issues to sort out and the closest one here was 45 minutes to the northwest. Not exactly easy to get parts in a small town if something were to go wrong, but a great community of people to help send you on an adventure for this person who might just have one.

All in all the event went great, met fabulous promoters and had lots of good food.