Greening Your Event

Over the past year we have had the opportunity to participate in many events with our water stations and during that time we have seen some interesting greening initiatives.

Numerous events took the step of offering recycling stations and some provided compost stations, but some more interesting were solar powered dish washing stations, free bikes for volunteers to get around and priority parking for people with hybrid or electric cars.

During our time at the Canadian Francophone Games in Sudbury we witnessed numerous initiatives which included quenchbuggy.com water stations, recycling and compost stations and the borrow a bike program for volunteers to get around the grounds.

When Quench Buggy was at Summerfolk with our hydration stations we got to see the the solar heated dish washing station. This was a very popular add on for the event and the comments were fabulous about the waste they were diverting.

Over all, the events that were initiating the different sustainability initiatives were successful and we hope that we see even more this summer.