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Community-Based Solutions to Plastic Pollution: The Impact of Mobile Water Stations

There was a time in history when plastic was invented and seemed a miracle to many. Over time, the use of plastic has increased. It has also extended to use in unnecessary items, and most people will be shocked if they look around them and realize how many things they don’t need are made of plastic. Unfortunately, this overuse of plastic items has led to excessive plastic pollution.

Why should we be concerned about plastic pollution?

There are several reasons why plastic pollution is a problem. For instance:

  • Our waterways are filled with plastic debris that puts ocean creates at risk
  • This same plastic problem exists in forests, parks, and urban areas
  • As plastic debris degrades, it releases toxins into our air, water, and soil
  • Many believe that plastic contributes to global warming
  • Plastic is made using fossil fuels, further straining our natural resources
  • Recent research shows an accumulation of microplastics in the environment and our bodies, harming our health
  • Plastic trash litters our environment, spoiling the natural beauty of all that’s around us

The good news is that there are ways to reduce our use of plastic. Focusing on using plastic only when necessary and avoiding the use of plastic for things we don’t need or when there are other options is essential for undoing the damage that’s been done.

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment is to switch from using single-use plastic water bottles to other options.

Mobile Water Stations

The use of mobile water stations can reduce our reliance on plastic for clean drinking water. 

What are mobile water stations?

Mobile water stations allow you to have clean, safe drinking water just about anywhere. The water is dispensed from a large container that houses gallons of water. People fill their reusable cups or bottles from the central water station, and there’s no longer a need to buy or distribute plastic bottle after plastic bottle of drinking water.

Ideally, you’ll use a reusable bottle that lasts for years, but even if you still use a single plastic bottle, you’ll only need to dispose of one plastic bottle instead of three, six, or more in a day.

There are several different types of mobile water stations, including:

  • Refillable stations
  • Water trucks
  • Portable dispensers
  • Refilling stations
  • Vending machines
  • Solar purification stations
  • Trailers
  • Bikes or carts
  • Community kiosks

What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Water Station?

Mobile water stations offer many different benefits. For example, water stations:

  • Reduce the need for single-use plastic water bottles
  • Promote the use of reusable water containers, as well as increased water consumption that’s better for health
  • Offer access to clean drinking water no matter the location
  • Save money because people or event organizers don’t need to buy a huge supply of bottled water
  • This will provide an opportunity to educate people about the benefits of drinking water, why it’s important to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic products, and how they impact our environment. 

Community Involvement

There are many ways communities can use mobile drinking stations to support reducing the use of single-use plastic items while still allowing access to clean drinking water. These community-based solutions make it possible to ensure that everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Local governments and community organizations can play an essential role in promoting the use of mobile water stations. This is especially true in communities where outdoor events occur year-round and/or the warmer summer months mean more participation in outdoor entertainment.

In addition to providing mobile water stations to the community at events, local organizations can encourage event organizers to utilize these stations whenever possible. People in positions of authority might even consider offering grants or other financial support to help event organizers rent or buy mobile water stations.

Mobile water stations are a great option for events organized or hosted by:

  • Schools
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Churches
  • Community groups
  • City or town governments 

What to Consider

Mobile water stations are by far a better option than disposable, single-use bottles of water when it comes to providing clean drinking water to people. However, there can be challenges.

Investing in a mobile water station can be expensive. If you use bottled water, you can invite a plastic water bottle vendor to an event, and they’ll sell their products. This option could cost event organizers nothing at all at first glance, although cleanup and environmental impact have a significant cost.

If event organizers can afford to invest in the rental or purchase of a mobile water station, they should do so. They should also look into financial support options if possible. Another challenge those who want to implement mobile water stations face is getting people used to the idea.

For decades now, people have attended events and purchased bottles of water. It’s become the norm to grab a single-use bottle of water throughout the day and toss it once you’re finished.

Some people are going to be uncomfortable with the idea of carrying around a refillable water bottle all day and want to turn to the option they’ve grown accustomed to. It can help to find ways to encourage or reward event attendees who are enthusiastic about using their refillable bottles.

As time passes, more communities will turn to mobile water stations to replace single-use plastic water bottles. If you’re ready to start or want to learn more about mobile water stations, book a quick call to discuss your options.