Quench Buggy Partner Program

Partnering with Quench Buggy can mean different things to different people and businesses.

Our goal at Quench Buggy is hydrate the masses across the world that are attending gatherings large and small where a reliable free source of water is needed. We manufacture, sell and rent water stations as away of continuing this quest.

As we grow we are looking for partners to join the adventure we are on. Partnership options are below.

  1. Purchase a unit for your municipality or business and supply water stations to your area events. We will refer smaller events that we can’t service to you. No use of Quench Buggy name.
  2. Purchase and Licensing agreement with Quench Buggy for a five-year period. You will receive discounts on new units, call answer and central booking. Support and training throughout the five-year period. This also allows you to rent additional units from Quench Buggy for larger events. We refer all business in your city/area to you and help promote through our website and trade shows we attend. Rights to use Quench Buggy branding to promote your services.
  3. Service Rental agreement with Quench Buggy. This allows you to add products to your existing related business with out capital expenses. Quench Buggy supplies the unit(s) and you agree to supply units as required in your area. Quench Buggy books all events and hires you to perform set-up and staffing during events. You are required to have storage for the unit and maintain it in great condition. Training is provided and there is usually an opportunity to switch to a Licensing agreement if you decide you want to won your own equipment.
  4. Invest in Quench Buggy. Contact us now to find out more.
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