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You can rest assured that people won’t question drinking from a Quench Buggy water station. Our staff cleans and maintains the unit throughout your event and we believe that our image is of the highest importance. We will represent your event, our company and sponsors with clean units and staff.

Every Quench Buggy water refilling station is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each event. During events, each unit is constantly monitored and cleaned to ensure the safest drinking water for everyone.


Safety is very important to everyone at Quench Buggy and our event water stations are very safe. From the moment you deal with us you will feel our commitment to the safety of our employees and your event.

Quench Buggy units can only be hooked to an approved municipal source of water.  We require testing and written approval before we hook our units up. We can help with this process, but it is a must before we can hook up our units.

Each hydration unit has been designed with safety in mind and as an added feature all our units are equipped with a filtration system which includes UV.


Our water stations can be used virtually anywhere in the world that there is a need. Both styles of our units are highly mobile and can be placed where they are best used. Our team will help you select the best location at your event, to ensure traffic flow and use of the unit are optimal.

Type of Events Served:

  • Sporting Events
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Church Gatherings
  • Corporate Events

Partner with Quench Buggy


  • Hey Darryl, Just quickly wanted to follow up with you and thank you so very much for coming out to our event. Your quench buggy was a huge success and very helpful to have on site. We are looking at different ways to use your buggy at our next event called "The Ride to Conquer Cancer" which is happening in June next year. I will definitely be in touch with you on this. Thanks Darryl!

    One Walk to Conquer Cancer

  • Thank you so much for your services at our events! The service was great and the students definitely appreciated having access to water on the hot days. Thanks

    Zainab, University of Toronto
    Toronto, ON

  • Thank you, Darryl. Just also wanted to say thank you for another great year of Road Hockey! We’re blessed to have true champions like yourself on our side. Hope to work with you again next year!

    Joe, SDI Marketing
    Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer

  • Working with Quench Buggy was a great experience both pre-festival and on site. Darryl effectively communicated all of their needs and was in constant communication with our operations team to ensure the stations were running smoothly throughout the weekend. We look forward to working with Darryl and the Quench Buggy team in the future!

    Louisville, KY

  • On behalf of the entire team here at SDI, I just wanted to reach out to you personally to thank you a million times for being such an integral part of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer 2014 – arguably the best year yet! We’ve received a lot of good feedback about Quench Buggy. Thanks again

    SDI Marketing
    Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer 2014

  • Thank you so much for everything yesterday – the event day was a huge success, and although it wasn’t as hot as last year, once again the Quench Buggy was a hit. Thank you for all the behind the scenes work you did – I can only imagine it was a ton of driving back and forth. Looking forward to working with you again soon!

    Kerr Street Ministries

  • Our Hydration Station was used very frequently throughout the summer, nearly every weekend! There has been a lot of positive feedback and excitement about it. We really love how many plastic water bottles could be saved through the use of the Hydration Station, especially at sporting events. It is a great way to promote municipal tap water and we have purchased water bottles to hand out at some of the events to really send home this message. Thanks

    Averil, City of Windsor
    Windsor, ON

  • The Guelph Water Wagon, constructed by Quench Buggy, has been a great success in our community. Darryl was a great help, building a Quench Buggy to meet the needs of our events. We look forward to using the Guelph Water Wagon year after year. Thank you

    Heather Yates, Water Conservation Program Coordinator
    Guelph, ON

  • Thanks Darryl, I think the event was a smashing success and I’m so glad we had you there to assist us! The truck was just perfect for our event! I appreciate that you were there all day to help and enjoy the event! Will totally keep you in mind for any outdoor events again!! Cheers!

    Jennifer Prince

  • Quench Buggy was a huge asset to our Caledon Day event. Minimal set-up and effort had maximum benefits to the event participants. I would definitely have Quench Buggy back for future summer events.

    Heather Savage, Town of Caledon
    Caledon Day
    Caledon, ON

  • I appreciate the support you provided on Sept 25. I continue to receive positive feedback on the unit and value added it brought to the event.

    Chris Wolnik, City of Vaughan
    Grand Opening of New City Hall
    Vaughan, ON

  • I have nothing but positive things to say about Quench Buggy and their team… very professional, always on time and more importantly, safe. The Quench Buggy acts as an effective billboard to create brand awareness for our radio station at summer events and I’ll continue to use it in the future.

    Matt Mise, 92.3 The Dock

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