9/11 Anniversary Events – City of Cleveland

This past week Quench Buggy was proud to participate in the 9/11 Commemoration in Cleveland, Ohio.  We packed up and travelled on Friday to arrive just before everyone was leaving work for the weekend. The City of Cleveland was interested in the Quench Buggy as a public relations tool to promote tap water and related services. After meeting staff and finding our location for the next day, we installed the City of Cleveland signage and cleaned the Quench Buggy for the next day.

On Saturday we were rained out with heavy rain all day long. Luckily the big day was Sunday and the weather dried up and we were set up just before the start of the Cleveland Browns game was to start. Events included a parade of emergency vehicles, dignitaries, and others to the city square. A great performance by the Cleveland Orchestra and speech’s by local students and officials followed the parade. City of Cleveland water department staff were set up at the Quench Buggy handing out freebies and info for the public to peruse. All in all it was a great weekend and we enjoyed the food and sights when we weren’t busy with the Quench Buggy.